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Take-Two requires VR mods from GTA V and more to be taken offline

Take-Two requires VR mods from GTA V and more to be taken offline

Take-Two has filed a DCMA fine against developer Luke Ross, known for his various VR mods. The parent company of game studios Rockstar Games and 2K Games is asking Ross to remove all copyrighted material from its Patreon page, though it won’t go into details. To avoid problems, the developer will take GTA V, Red Dead Redemption 2, Definitive Editions of Mafia I and II offline mods as a precaution.

This isn’t the first time Take-Two has taken a hard line against the mods.

Ross doesn’t understand what Take-Two’s claim is based on, as he designed VR mods for the games in question himself — using software separate from the publisher. In addition, it is not designed to replace the original games, as users must purchase and own these games before applying the mods.

While the developer “sells” mods through Patreon, he suspects the claim appears unrelated to the fact that money is involved. It would be a copyright infringement, not a licensing issue. Since Take-Two has not provided any additional information, Patreon is trying to create a direct channel of communication between the two parties. This should show exactly where the problem is.

Luke Ross (Patreon)

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