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tasted.  The Black Knife from Yanaika in Wellen: Ready for the Michelin Guide?  (Good)

tasted. The Black Knife from Yanaika in Wellen: Ready for the Michelin Guide? (Good)

The black knife, can be a title He immigrated Agatha Christie, but don’t look for an explanation in the criminal realm. “We wanted a young, contemporary name. During a brainstorming session, I came up with this idea with my business partner Nils Franken,” says Yanaica. No doubt many TV viewers know her from VTM my restaurantShe took second place in 2008. Three years later, she was named Lady Chef of the Year.

Her culinary path is quite diverse. Exquisa opened in Hasselt, where it became famous for its potato dishes. Then she worked in a paid job, including at Le Petit Belge (Maasmechelen) and Gusto (Genk). Because she wanted to get back on her feet, she opened The Black Knife: it offers a kitchen that she describes as French-Belgian. Yanaika has ambition and she’s already let go of her desire for a Michelin star.

She set the bar high with that, but there’s no doubt she can cook. Compared to Gusto’s visit a few years ago, I’ve made progress. More dexterity, more accuracy. We notice this already in the appetizers: very tasty crunchy with gray shrimp, tuna tartare and a chicken skin flake, stuffed with mousse rabeigner (cheese).

Dessert: Really something for those who love sweets. © luc daelemans

We choose the lunch menu and start with a piece of cauliflower al dente with mustard sauce, topped with hazelnut cream and Madeira gel. Creative and delicious dish. Then the main course: five buttery slices of an Iberian pig in a tender beef broth with – surprisingly – thickened eggplant and beans. Really nothing to complain about. She also shows off her candy bohemian skills: a perfectly simulated cherry, infused with mascarpone. Plus points of cherry jelly and creamy violet ice cream. Really something for the sweet tooth.

We are guests there the day after opening. Then it usually takes some searching and fumbling. This is clear in the ministry, but Yanaica has already shown that it is ready to indicate in the evidence.

1. The semi-open kitchen is set in a black frame with large glazed areas. beautiful. In the minimalist interior, the chairs with antique pink fabric covers are especially eye-catching.

2. On the small wine list (16 white and red, 1 rose), prices range from 35 to 125 euros. Some references from the Italian upper domain Gaja. No wines by the glass, just wine pairings.

3. Yanaika chooses two modes: a 3-course lunch menu (€45) and a 5, 6 or 7-course menu (€85, 95 or 115). “There is no a la carte, so I can target purchase. I strive for don’t roarWaste as little as possible.

my workTabuk

Plattestraat 41, Wellen

to open

Tuesday – Friday 12 and 6:30 pm, Saturday 6:30 pm


0472 / 97.59.25

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