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Tech Tip: Efficiently Clean Emails in Gmail

Cleaning your email inbox: It’s a tedious task that usually takes a very long time.

And if it imposes itself, then a mountain of accumulated letters awaits you. Fortunately, with Gmail, you can recover and delete old emails efficiently.

This is how you clean up old emails in Gmail

Search emails in the inbox

Gmail search can do more than you think. Of course you can search for topics, messages from specific contacts, or emails with attachments. With easy search, you can also retrieve all emails older than a certain date. So you can use old_than query: 1x. Instead of x, you can enter year (Y), month (AD), or day (D). In our example in screenshot 1, we searched old_than:1y for all emails that are at least a year old. You can, of course, modify the number to your liking.

Search old_than:1y returns all messages that are at least 1 year old.

Look for messages with labels

If you want to use labels to give your inbox structure, you can also quickly search for specific tags. To do this, you build on the searches from step 1: just add query label:label name. For email conversations older than 6 months under the order, the label will be: order older_than: 6m. Press the enter key or the magnifying glass to filter emails the way you want.

Build on step 1 by adding labels in the search.

More Gmail query filtering

The nice thing about private searches is that you can further refine your search results in the next step. At the top, after step 2, the menu buttons from, always has an attachment, and to appear. This allows you to refine the query according to the sender, sent date, attached files and recipients respectively. If the suggested values ​​are not accurate enough, you can still use the advanced search via the last button in the row.

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Gmail allows you to refine your search even more.

Delete selected emails

Then follows the most useful step: creating the system out of the clutter by pressing the delete button. Using the check mark at the top, you can select all the items on the current page. If you want to leave some messages, you can remove the check mark there or choose the conversations that can be deleted manually and carefully. Click on the trash can icon to remove it. Other actions are also available, such as moving to a different category or returning items (unread) to your inbox.

Creating order out of chaos: This can be helpful.

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