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Tech Tip WhatsApp profielfoto verbergen

Tech tip: Hide your WhatsApp profile picture and status

WhatsApp rolled out new privacy options for your account information. This way you can choose who can see your WhatsApp profile picture and status.

The ability to hide your profile picture is nothing new in WhatsApp. You had the option to show public account information like your profile picture and status to everyone, your contacts, or no one at all. WhatsApp has now officially announced that there is new option Added where you can also choose to hide your data for some contacts. That was the choice Since September 2021 It is in beta and is now available to all users. Regarding the following data:

  • Last seen
  • personal picture
  • informations
  • condition

How to hide your profile picture and status in WhatsApp?

The way you hide your account information hasn’t changed at all with this latest update. You open WhatsApp settings and then go to Account > Privacy. In this menu you’ll find your profile picture settings, status, information, and last seen and read receipts. If you click on your profile picture, you will get four options. The newly added option is “My contacts, except…” and if you want to select this option, you will have to select the contacts from which you want to hide your profile picture. If you don’t want anyone to see your WhatsApp profile picture, select “Nobody”.

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whatsapp hide profile picture

You proceed the same way for the other settings. The exception with your case is that you can never show it to people who are not in your contact list. If you turn off your Last Seen notification, you won’t be able to see those of others either. Read receipts are turned on/off via a simple slider.

larger groups

WhatsApp hasn’t been dormant in recent weeks. Lots of useful features have been added in no time, such as the extension of the number of participants in group chats and the option to transfer chat history from Android to iOS devices. WhatsApp is now also working on the ability to edit messages after they’ve been sent. With these new features, WhatsApp wants to stay ahead of the growing competition from Telegram.

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