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Technical education passes on a school bus in Bemester and Burmerend

Technical education passes on a school bus in Bemester and Burmerend

The old American school bus, Kunstbuzz, is an extra classroom because primary schools in Beemster and Purmerend lack extra space for creative subjects. Under the guidance of the art teacher, students take By De Blauwe De Morgenster, a feature film about him. They invent and do everything themselves: coming up with a story, acting, filming. They really liked it and are doing it for the first time. “Make and read something different for once.”

According to Anuk Dibenbroek, Head of Education at Cultuurhuis Wherelant, it is important to give schools more space to teach creative subjects. “With whole classes of more than 30 children, it’s not possible in a normal classroom. Using the bus as a mobile classroom, you split the class. Half of them are now at school here and the others are on the bus with the art teacher.”

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It is a six week trial. Every week the bus stops at a different school. Anouk sees it as a first step and hopes that creative education will receive more attention and more space in the literal sense.

Alderman Culture Evelyn Tygestra is excited about the experience. “As a municipality, we think cultural education is very important and what we’ve seen is what Wherelant offers here – clay, crafts, film making – is not possible in most schools because the classes are so overcrowded.” The councilman will not make any statements about what technical education will look like after the trial. “This is up to the schools, we offer this one time.”


Meanwhile, students are busy with all kinds of recordings, both indoors and outdoors. Phones, selfie sticks, and iPads are used for photography and the art teacher is constantly giving directions. The bus acts as a torture chamber and an altercation occurs in the sand at the stadium. It remains a mystery to the reporter what exactly the story is about. But that’ll be okay, Nina and Amin who play the Doctor swear by. “It was edited by two people and they picked the good stuff. They take the bad stuff out of the movie.”

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