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Telenet has postponed the introduction of e-sim and is now planning for 2023 – tablets and phones – news

Belgian provider Telenet has postponed the original introduction of e-sim and is now planning to introduce the virtual version of the SIM from next year. Other Belgian providers have been supporting e-sim for some time.

Telenet already has smartwatch support, but e-SIM cards on smartphones don’t work yet, data news says. That should come next year, the reporter to the site. It is currently expected to be released within 2023. The original intention was for e-sim support to be launched in 2021. It’s unclear why that didn’t happen.

e-SIM support is currently available, and now Apple is in the US version of iPhone 14 Support for physical SIM has been removed. Instead, phones only work with electronic SIM cards. Users can load up to eight profiles in the program and two of them can be active at the same time.

This makes it one of the few phones that does not support a physical SIM card. The foldable Motorola razr 2019 also does not have a physical SIM card, but the newer versions do. electronic chip It has been around for years He has worked with several service providers in Holland and Belgium for several years.

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