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Tesla is planning a fifth “Giga Factory”, and it is also known which country Musk wants to locate them in

Electric car maker Tesla knows where it wants to open a new plant: Canada. Meanwhile, the US company is pressing for permits in the North American country to be obtained faster. She wants to avoid at all costs the delay she incurred in Berlin.

after ca, ShanghaiAnd the Berlin And Austin, Texas (the latter two only opened this spring), Tesla wants to open another “Giga factory.” The name Giga Factory It originally comes from the planned annual battery production of 35 gigawatt-hours (GWh) by such a manufacturer.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk has suggested that Canada will be the new location for such a plant on several occasions: at an internal event in June, and at a shareholder meeting. This appears to have now been confirmed by the company’s lobbying effort: Tesla is advancing, especially with the Ontario government. that reports Electric.

the pressure

In Canada, all corporate lobbying efforts must be public. According to such an official filings Tesla has spoken to the government about permits and potential financial “stimulus” measures.

Concretely, it states that there is cooperation “with the government and its agencies for (get, ed.) permits for industrial and/or advanced manufacturing facilities with the aim of increasing Ontario’s competitiveness and ability to attract capital investment (…).” While Tesla is also meeting with the government to discuss “stimulus programs (…) that can increase Ontario’s attractiveness to industrial facilities and / or advanced manufacturing.”

In short, what Tesla wants to achieve, and what the company calls “important to attract investors,” is to reduce waiting times for permits.

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No more Berlin scenario

During his confrontation with the German administrative machine Tesla Have a lot of patience before getting the green light for building plans in Berlin. Germany is meticulous in its actions, especially when it comes to environmental aspects (especially the water).

But the electric vehicle manufacturer appears to have gotten this waiting period poorly. The speed with which permits are granted is now one of the main drivers for the company to choose a production site. Thus, Europe is likely to be avoided for the foreseeable future.

Reduce delivery delay?

according to Electric Tesla could then try to get the province of Ontario to rival Quebec for the location, in order to negotiate more benefits. But the choice of Canada appears final.

It will be an additional production site in the supply chain in any case Can reduce infernal delays that Tesla customers encounter with the delivery of each new model.