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Tesla produced more than three million cars in total – picture and sound – news

The numbers aren’t greatly exaggerated, it’s not every Tesla is as bad. Sure, the previous models were pretty bad, but even the most reliable Tesla, the Model 3 is less reliable (7.2) than the average car. Top 10 car brands.
And then you might think: “Yeah, but these are old cars, why do we still look at them?” Because these cars are a maximum of 10 years old, which is really not that old. Especially when you consider that it took years before they actually started running here, so the problems with those cars date back a few years later.

Yes, this is a selective view, but be aware that all brands are viewed this way. I mean Volkswagen is a little higher than Tesla, but the Poloham (as of 2017) is the most reliable car, and that’s something Tesla can’t say, it’s nowhere near the top. Their most reliable car is simply less reliable than a regular BMW, which is really not something you can say is overrated.

Teslas are great when they work, but they aren’t very reliable, some models are definitely fine. And after averaging 5 and then bragging that you’re pretty cool because you have 7.2, that’s not very relevant.

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