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Tesla will start selling the Model S Plaid and X Plaid at the end of 2022 in the Netherlands and Belgium – picture and sound – News

Also here is a Model S (model 2017-07) driver of 115,000 km/h. I totally agree with Nimac91.
– Door handles that are located in them
– Frank mounted perverted on delivery
– Doors are hung crooked upon delivery
– Chrome-cast rear windows that stand out
– Replace one door handle
– Replace trunk compression springs
– Replacement of the right outside mirror that does not open / close
The side camera is broken
– Touch center console replacement
– Rubber door disconnected and replaced
– After service (Amsterdam service center), leave the trash behind. All my belongings are scattered in my car.
– After service (Amsterdam service center), oil and grease stains on steering wheel, touch screen, seats, dashboard, exterior, car roof
– After the exterior mirror is repaired, the paint damage to the door under the exterior mirror
– After fixing the touch screen, the dedicated LTE modem failed. (It turns out that the pigtail of wires under the touchscreen was loosely attached.
– After the touch screen is repaired, scratches are applied to the sliding panel center console
– The car is less than 40 km and the message appeared: “Reduced power. Please contact the service center.” Two weeks later, I got my “new” car back (now driven over 250km). In these 2 weeks, I’ve driven 3 different dirty borrowed vehicles. Bah!
Windows that never close
– deflecting fog lights
– Replace the top of the touch screen (installed, warped (incorrectly))
Paint, front bumper and doors were damaged on delivery
Moisture in the camera bracket
– MCU (media control unit) that crashes and restarts every time. Tesla didn’t want to do anything about it and eventually bought an upgrade to a new MCU.

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I can say with every embrace: “I was there, I did it, and it will never be repeated.”

Now when I look at the Model X, 3 and Y, I see the same issues. Delicately concealed rubber. Twisted doors, frames, etc. Search the Internet and use the term: Tesla Plaid Quality Issues.

The only addition is: Superchargers – works great. He had no problems with it.

I understand that a single Tesla driver weighs less on the end, after sale or applicable damage. Alright, something for everyone.

This is how I test it. Unfortunately no more Tesla for me.