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The 12-year-old sells a cardboard Lamborghini to a former Formula 1 driver

Supercars are very expensive, so spend for an elite group. Olivier Backx from Alphen is also aware of this, so he decided to create a Lamborghini out of a cardboard box. He began working on the project during the summer vacation of 2021 with the help of his grandfather and father, meanwhile a buyer volunteered in the form of former Formula 1 driver Robert Tornbos.

Lamborghini made of cardboard

In the past, we have seen a Vietnamese man making a wooden Bugatti for his son, a Utopian creating a replica of the Bugatti Chiron, and the father who created the Lamborghini Aventador with a 3D printer. But Dutch youth can do something too, Backx proves it. Generation Z is often accused of being lazy, but Backx shows he has a strong mindset.

“I don’t have much to do, I just saw a video of someone creating something similar. All the way to New Zealand, but I thought I could do it here, “he told EditieNL. Lamborghini is his favorite car brand and he wants to buy a real car later because they are” so awesome and fast “.

Worked more than 200 hours

On Thursday, May 5, Lamborghini, made of 45 corrugated cardboard sheets, was completed after spending 200 hours in his father’s garage. RTL Nieuws reports that he proudly presented the Cardboard Dream car to his home driveway, which required a minimum of € 250 and that more than 600 had already been auctioned.

Tornbos Hart von saw the work in the Netherlands and was immediately sold out. “Then it was already arranged that he would buy it!”, Says Oliver. Of course, this makes us even more in need: “The next car is definitely coming. A McLaren or a Ferrari. Or Bugatti or something. ”

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