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The American receives $ 450,000 in compensation for the employer arranging the birthday party

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An American receives $ 450,000 (approximately 420,000 euros) in compensation from his employer because a surprise party was arranged for him at work. The New York Post writes.

jvhProofThe Telegraph, New York Post

When Kevin Berling, 29, joined Gravity Diagnostics in Kentucky on 2018, he mentioned that he did not want a surprise birthday party. In 2019, his colleagues organized such a surprise, but it brought panic to that person. He fled in his car, where he had to recover for an hour. A day later, his superiors wanted to talk about the incident, which led to a second panic attack.

His superiors accused Berling of “losing the happiness of his colleagues” and the man was fired a week after the incident. According to the company, Berling feared he would become “angry and aggressive.”

Perling filed a lawsuit against his former employer, which now has a twelve-member arbitral tribunal. The company will have to pay approximately 420,000 euros in compensation to the man. “Past, present and future mental anguish and suffering, mental anguish, embarrassment, shame and loss of self-esteem,” the verdict said. The company is still considering a possible appeal procedure.

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