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The arrest of the former head of Liege Airport

The arrest of the former head of Liege Airport

Luke Barton, the former chief executive of Liege Airport, appeared before the investigating judge on Friday evening, more than 24 hours after he was deprived of his liberty. The Public Prosecutor in Liège informed Sodinfo on Saturday about the man’s arrest.

Another man was also deprived of his liberty. It’s about an employee of a company set up to build buildings for Alibaba.

The deprivation of liberty is part of an investigation that began after a series of audits conducted by the new management of Nethys by Deloitte’s auditor. An audit of Liege Airport, a subsidiary of Nethys, revealed several serious shortcomings in February 2021.

The report that led to Barton’s resignation, revealed several anomalies between 2017 and 2020. About 40 potential violations were identified, in particular regarding the lifestyle and expenditures of the former CEO of Liege Airport. Deloitte analysts pointed to the utter opacity of public procurement, a lack of competition, controversial and costly advisory appointments, phantom jobs and huge internal expense accounts.

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