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The Belgian Lions are no match for the strong Turkey in the European Basketball Championship |  European Basketball Championship

The Belgian Lions are no match for the strong Turkey in the European Basketball Championship | European Basketball Championship

After the exciting match against Spain, the Belgian Lions returned to Earth in the European Basketball Championship. In their fourth game of the group, the Belgian men were too small for a strong Turkey. Wednesday’s match against Bulgaria will be decisive in the next round. “The first quarter decided the match,” national team coach Dario Gergega analyzed the match.

After the unexpected victory over Spain, Belgium had a first chance against Turkey to secure a ticket to the next round, but that would not be an easy task. Turkey has one of its strongest teams in years and the Turks were also on the brink loss to Georgia.

Turkey started the match with intense focus, while Belgium were left with little left of all the good things the Lions showed against Spain.

Turkey’s top NBA players Korkmaz and Sengun – especially the last one who stood out – left their mark in attack and defense, and Belgium came looking into a dramatic 1st quarter with just 6 points.

But the Lions have shown in this European Championship on several occasions tremendous mental toughness and made their way back into the game. Under the impulse of an excellent substitute Bratanovic, who cut his first minutes in this European Championship, Belgium captured the Turkish bonus of 19 units. In the first half, the difference was 7 points.

After the break, the Belgians unfortunately did not manage to continue the positive streak by the end of the first half. Turkey rose again, and it was the strong Sengun (24 points, 8 rebounds, 6 assists) who repeatedly pressed Belgium’s hopes with a great performance.

Damage limit, that’s all there is to it for the Belgian Lions, who eventually got into the boat with a 15-point lead: 63-78. With this win, Turkey is almost certain of the next round, and Belgium will have to finish it against Bulgaria on Wednesday.

National team coach Gergja: “The first quarter decided the match”

Is the match already over after the painful first quarter? National coach Dario Gergega thought so. “We couldn’t find any rhythm, especially in the last five minutes of the first quarter where we conceded 13-4. That first quarter defined the match,” was Gjergja’s analysis.

“We’ve been back a few times, but it didn’t actually happen. We kept hanging out. Turkey always came up with my run, and that’s very hard mentally.”

The national coach confirmed that he was not disappointed with his team’s performance. “Except for one player, Turkey has all the players who play in the NBA or in the Euroleague. This is impressive and then you have to be realistic. It was a well deserved win for Turkey.”

“We were able to stop Larkin, but we could not find an answer to the strong inner game of the Turks. Their two big boys together scored 47 points. And under the ring they hurt us a lot.”

Bulgaria is a very balanced team and has one of the 3 best strikers in Europe with Vyzhinkov. We will have to respect them.

National team coach Dario Gergaja talks about Wednesday’s opponent

Gergeja also paid tribute to youngsters Fritz Blijenberg and Haris Bratanovic. The latter did not play in the previous three matches, but he was today’s top scorer. “They are the future and they have shown that we can count on them. I am very happy with that.”

Georgia warned that Belgium would now have to get the job done against Bulgaria and that it wouldn’t be easy. “With Vezenkov they have one of the 3 best strikers in Europe. It’s a very balanced team, with wings that can shoot well and the big boys are versatile in defence.”

“Bulgaria lost its first 3 matches in this European championship, but it has always competed, with the exception of Spain. It is an opponent that we must respect,” Girga warned.

Bratanovic’s top scorer: “I am happy with this opportunity”

  • Harris Bratanovic: “It was difficult for me not to play after 3 games, but I told the coach in advance that I would be ready when they needed me. I showed that today. I’m glad I got this opportunity.”

    “We started with too little force and our shots didn’t come early in the game.”

    “We want to go to the next round. I think we have a chance against Bulgaria anyway and then we’ll go for it.”

  • Maxime de Zieu: “We lacked energy and then it was difficult against a team like Turkey. Turkey was stronger than us but with more energy we could have made it a different match. It was a whole day today. I have no idea why that is.”

    “We have to turn the knob quickly now, because tomorrow we have an important match, the most important one in the tournament. Tomorrow we have to win. Stay positive.”

    “Bulgaria can be defeated, but we have to show it on the field. We will do everything we can to win, so that we don’t have to count.”

Belgian Lions in Basketball EK

Program group A
09/01 Belgium Georgia 79-76
09/03 the black Mountain Belgium 76-70
09/04 Spain Belgium 73-83
09/06 Belgium turkey 63-78
09/07 Bulgaria Belgium 4.15 pm
Stand in group A
M W Fifth +/- ptn
1. turkey 4 3 1 +28 7
2. Belgium 4 2 2 -8 6
3. the black Mountain 3 2 1 +12 5
4. Spain 3 2 1 +43 5
5. Georgia 3 1 2 -24 4
6. Bulgaria 3 3 -51 3

The Big Four advance to the 1/8 finals. The European Championship is organized in Germany, Georgia, Italy and the Czech Republic. The Belgian Lions play group matches in the Georgian capital, Tbilisi.