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The best destinations to travel around the world

Nowadays it is fashionable to travel and see the world. Having money and fleeing the place of residence to marvel at other cultures and landscapes. To explore the contrast between what people are used to seeing and the new, different and sporadic, in addition to leaving work aside and enjoying a relaxing vacation.

Traveling to another city, country or even continent is a huge experience. Getting to know another culture, another way of living, new landscapes… There are even some who travel to experience new ways of relating, new ways of being, of dealing with things. 

It is a search for a moment to get away from the routine of daily work, to let off steam or even to explore the beauty of the country with one of the most beautiful escorts in Sunshine Coast.

Who to travel with?

It is always important to choose the right company for each trip, as well as the location. 

It is not the same to go with a mother, a sister, a colleague or a friend, in a group, or with a partner.

It depends on what the intention and purpose of the trip is, who can and wants to come, either because they can afford the economic expense or have the time available and interest in the destination, and so on.

Where to go?

The most popular places, in tourist terms, are very diverse. It depends on what the person wants, whether it’s more nature, big cities, adventure…

So Skokka has made a list of the most visited places over the years so that, once the crisis in which the world is currently immersed and COVID-19 is over, people can fulfill their dreams and continue to travel around the world, that still has a lot to offer, discovering new places.


  • United Kingdom: Especially London, its capital. The Big Ben, Camden Town, the Tower of London, Piccadilly Circus … There are countless areas to see in this gray city with a lot of culture and the cradle of Harry Potter. You can get easily lost with one of the hot London escorts with great curves and surround yourself with the magic in the city.
  • France: Paris, the capital of love and light, and the great construction of the Eiffel Tower. A perfect country to fall in love for the first time or fall in love again and again.
  • Italy: Home of Romeo and Juliet, romanticism and Tuscany. With a multitude of culture and history, and where people can see many witnesses and ruins of the Roman Empire.
  • Spain: Street culture, beaches, tapas, go out with friends to bars and listen to flamenco. Explore the Sagrada Familia, the fallas of Valencia, the Puerta del Sol and the Prado Museum in Madrid, where it’s possible to see true pieces of art.
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  • Indonesia: a group of volcanic islands, full of culture, jungles, temples, art, dances and abundant fauna and flora.
  • Thailand: Bangkok, with a characteristic identity and full of nature and tribal culture is the best destiny. However you can explore beautiful sandy beaches and underwater wonders along the country’s coast.
  • Vietnam: Imperial cities, sanctuaries, monuments, parks, dunes… what’s there not to like?


  • United States (NY, Las Vegas, Miami, Honolulu): A paradise, the house of casinos, pleasure, fast food, lights, partying, color… Places to be dazzled by these great cities and their residents. Combined with dreamy coastal areas where stress is impossible to exist.
  • Jamaica: Reflection of reggae culture and the great Bob Marley. A place that leads a relaxed, quiet life and invites enjoyment of the landscapes and its wonderful beaches.
  • Honduras: Located in Central America. Together with Salvador, Guatemala and a small archipelago of the Bay Islands it forms a perfect mix of paradisiacal Caribbean beaches, natural reserves, valleys and mountains.
  • Brazil: Carnivals, the Pride parade, the statue of Christ the Redeemer, Copacabana beach, the Amazon forest… A whole variety of things to visit once in a lifetime.
  • Mexico: Cancun, Playa del Carmen, Riviera Maya, Mexico City, the Day of the Dead… Everyone who visits this area of Central America does it for its food, beaches, history, archaeological sites, culture and the warmth and hospitality of its people. Discovering on their own or with one of Mexico’s beautiful escorts the wonders that the country has to offer is ideal.

  • Colombia: Medellin, Bogota, the coffee region, the paradisiacal islands of San Andres, the Rock of Guatapé… Countless are the impressive landscapes that make up the nature in this country worthy of admiration.
  • Bahamas: Near Cuba, a series of islands with the perfect mix of nature, fine sand and blue water. Being there, the person can feel transported to the authentic paradise in some of the natural places or inside of a pirate movie, since it was there where most of the scenes of the famous saga of Pirates of the Caribbean were filmed.
  • Chile: It is worth mentioning Easter Island, or as it is really called, Rapa Nui. Not only for its pure beauty but also for its history. There, people can see a series of statues of human figures, known as Moais, from the thirteenth and fourteenth centuries. 
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  • Morocco: Deserts, oasis, camels… A simple and practical life with a rich gastronomy full of history and very characteristic Arab heritage.
  • Egypt: the famous pyramids or the Nile, protagonists of so many stories and tales that have served as inspiration for different movies. Witnesses of so many mysteries and culture.


  • Bora Bora: A paradise island where people can enjoy the full maritime nature and crystal clear waters, home to a multitude of native flora and fauna to get away from stress. 
  • New Zealand: A group of islands with a mixture of stunning landscapes. They were the scene of The Lord of the Rings, and were visited by great actors that got starstruck by its beauty. A country that is better enjoyed with i¡one of the local private escorts in Auckland that can guide you around during a road trip.