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The Bullet in the Church: Good news for Deadpool fans!

The Bullet in the Church: Good news for Deadpool fans!

Since Disney acquired Fox, it’s been necessary dead listFans fear that we should fear for the future of “The Merc with a Mouth.” Now it turns out that there is no need for this.

In 2016 it was Ryan Reynolds First seen as Deadpool (Let’s get out the 2009 version X-Men Inception: Wolverine But don’t count…) The blockbuster movie was well received and also managed to do well at the box office. The superhero movie grossed at least $782 million.

new parts
The second part was released in 2018. Although the sequel was less palatable than the original, the numbers were still strong enough to go for the third part. When Disney acquired Fox in 2019, the chance of the popular and beloved superhero returning seemed much lower.

Deadpool is so disgusting. He swears there’s also some tough action scenes in the first two movies, which aren’t exactly the trademark of “The House of the Mouse.” However, it appears that Disney wants to make an exception for Deadpool.

Movie buffs think Disney might make everything a little friendlier, but writers Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick, who also take care of Part Three after the first two, let us know that everything will be fine.

As they said in a recent interview:do not worry! We might go too far at some point and be told, but that hasn’t happened yet. We’ve gotten a lot of support from Disney and they know how popular Deadpool is. So we hope that Deadpool will be another huge success under Disney’s lead. Anyway, it’s good that they are behind us, and that always feels good!

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Lead actor Reynolds previously announced that there will be a third sequel, but he did not say what this would look like. Now it looks like this will be fine! We’ll have to wait a little longer for the movie. Since filming has yet to begin, the film will likely only be released sometime in 2024.