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The Callisto Protocol creator describes his characters as “the most realistic ever in the game”

Only a few months until we can experience the nightmare called “Calisto Protocol”. To make the noise, Mark James, chief technical officer of Striking Distance Studios developer, took the time to write a file an interview Review the technical performance of the game.

In any case, he is very excited about the work done, describing the characters as “the most realistic ever in the game”. The formation of the characters’ faces and eyes was reduced to the smallest detail and the result was impressive:

“Our characters are the most realistic characters you see in a game. So much so that when we first showed our game, everyone thought it was pre-show. […] We have a full scan, even the ray reflections of the eyeballs. So if you look at [character’s] In our game, you can see its reflected optics. It’s a really small detail, but it’s those little details that are actually very important to our game.

It brings the connection to the player that you normally don’t get. A large part of our brain is associated with seeing faces, more so than the rest of the world around us because we have to read faces every day. We want to base all our booms and our bodies’ horror around this founding reality – what would happen if the arm grew twice the size, or the chest opened.”

Enemies, mutant beasts that were once humans, also received the same treatment. This allows you to see some humanity in the monsters.

“Our enemies are not the zombies, they are not aliens, they are mutated humans. So we want to show that the foundation – they can still be identified as human – and also this connection, so you don’t do without these things that used to be human. They are your fellow prisoners and guards. “.

We can see the super-realistic characters of Callisto Protocol starting December 2nd.

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