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The design team has been appointed for the basic renovation of Gullegem village

The design team has been appointed for the basic renovation of Gullegem village

Wevelgem Municipal Council is committed to the fundamental renovation of its centers, so that they lead a healthy life and an enjoyable stay. Much attention is also paid to water and green spaces.

A design team has now been appointed to renovate the village center for the Golghem sub-municipal: Dierendonckblancke Architects, Veldhuis Architects and OKRA Architects in collaboration with LABEAUAnd the george study deskAnd the Spatial advice AtelierAnd the Vandenbogaerde’s office And the De Fonseca’s office.

The renovation of the Gulgham Village Center will consist of four parts: a new meeting center, the introduction of a lively and car-free central plaza, the reassessment of the Heulebeek, and the improvement of the public space in the center with a focus on the ‘de Gaulle’ meadow party.

Tailor-made meeting center

The building volume of the meeting center, divided into two interconnected volumes, was designed according to the scale of the heart of the village. The long canopy along the building provides a sense of protection to the user and is an invitation to discover the activities inside. The design team for their compact building show that they know how to use space intelligently. Due to the flexible sequence of spaces and the zoning of the multi-purpose hall, a variety of events can be organized in a qualitative way, without being too large.

On the other hand, the meeting center contributes to the liveliness of the downtown environment, including the central plaza and new green areas. On the other hand, it has its own identity and distinguishes itself from other buildings. Collaboration with the environment is also stimulated by, among other things, the facade that is less slender than that of the church in order to create balance and ensure a view of the Huélebec park. The color of the facade is also coordinated with the materials and colors of the neighboring buildings.

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Vibrant central plaza

The new meeting center contributes to the center’s plaza experience that is accessible to young and old. Umbrella welcomes OC visitors. Seats under the canopy invite you to take a break or chat, even when the meeting center is closed. Thanks to the cafeteria and terrace, there is a nice atmosphere in the center.

Residential space takes precedence over traffic space due to the introduction of a car-free area between the church and the meeting center. Thanks to OC’s new location, openness is maintained.

Car parks will be grouped, focusing on people with reduced mobility. Access to the center’s various functions and existing private entrances is guaranteed. Starting with the STOP principle, the designers envision an extension of the cycling and walking paths.

Hypoglycemic reassessment

The designers open the existing pipe of the stream down to the church and in this way draw the valley of the natural wild stream deep in the middle of the Golghim. The banks are designed in such a way that people can go down to the water and find a place to rest. Play incentives are also provided in the landscape plan.

At the same time, efforts are being made to enhance biodiversity. The watercourse forms an important link between the Bergelen Territorial Sphere and the Green Stripe and Center. It provides space for animals and plants and at the same time serves as a rainwater harvesting storage. Thanks to Heulebeek, the center will be climatically robust, all-encompassing in nature and attractive.

Open space with developed green areas

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The designers have expanded the central green area of ​​the church, along the open Heulebeek. In this way, the church is again surrounded by greenery and visitors can find a quiet place to sit.

A place is given to existing high-quality trees in the new design. The existing pavement lends itself to carefully selected agriculture, which in turn contributes to the biodiversity of the centre. The design team is committed to sustainable water management and selects permeable paving. Together, the party meadow and Kerkeput transform into a valuable Heulebeek park.

The new greener Hulebec Park offers peace and quiet. There will be many rest points where you can enjoy the surroundings. At the same time, there are enough facilities in the park to organize many different events and a new play area is being created.