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The Dutch government wants a temporary curb on family reunification |  Abroad

The Dutch government wants a temporary curb on family reunification | Abroad

The Dutch government wants to ease the pressure on the asylum chain by adjusting the visa requirement for so-called “followers” and no longer accepting people under the Turkey deal. This is what Dutch Foreign Minister Eric van der Burgh wrote in a letter to the Chamber of Deputies. He stressed that the measures are temporary.

Relatives are family members of people who are already in the Netherlands. They will not be allowed to come to the Netherlands until a home is available for the family. The intent is for the application to be submitted at the moment and for the application to be evaluated as well. The visa is actually only issued if there is a home.

Not only will fewer people come to the Netherlands at the moment, van der Burg says, they no longer have to wait for their applications at the asylum application center in Ter Apel. According to him, people should wait a maximum of 15 months. This is still within the maximum period according to the European Directive for Family Reunification. Fifteen months later, families can still come to Holland. The government is working on a bill to extend the decision period for another three months, because the European directive allows it.


Requests for reconsolidation will be processed shortly in the order in which they were applied for. “The people who arrive first should be the first to move into a house, so that their families can also come,” van der Burg said.

The government also wants to temporarily stop receiving people allowed to come to Europe under the Turkey deal. According to van der Burg, the Netherlands has resettled “a large number of people” for years, relatively more than all other European countries. About a thousand people a year. But now that “we have people sleeping on the grass in Ter Apel, or in the gyms” that is no longer possible. Van der Burgh calls it “irresponsible in the current situation” to allow people to attend.

Van der Burg says the measures are in place until 2023. However, it will be verified in July whether the measures are working as intended.

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