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The Eikenhof project: almost 34 homes without power on the Aldi and Cyberdrome (Kapellen) site

The Eikenhof project: almost 34 homes without power on the Aldi and Cyberdrome (Kapellen) site

Presented by Didier Lenz and Vincent Adriansens Eichenhoff.© koen fasseur


Project developer Listed Property is now building 31 apartments on the site where Cyberdrome and department store Aldi once owned their stores. They will be ready in the fall of 2024. The listed properties mainly focus on the buyer with an interest in the environment and energy.

Today, everyone is faced with very high energy costs and this does not seem to change immediately. People are motivated from different angles to think about the future, especially when it comes to building or buying homes.

Listed real estate knows this and it can be seen in the Eikenhof project realized by the Antwerp project developer near the center of Kapellen. Real estate agent Didier Lenz: “Eikendreef is a beautiful country street bordered by a row of trees. This row of trees also extends along the field on which we are building the urban villa. So the green living acquires more than one meaning. On the one hand, there is the splendor of the natural greenery, But on the other hand we are giving an extra green touch with this project, because we build BEN houses here.These are almost energy-free houses with E20 level.This may sound a bit technical, but it means that the newly built houses anyway use less energy for heating, sanitation and water and ventilation.”

Future vision.

Future vision. © rr

His colleague Vincent Adriansens shows how this is possible. Each apartment has its own solar panels. We are using a heat pump in this construction project. The houses are optimally insulated, so little heat is lost.”

The Eikenhof project consists of a total of 31 apartments to be built in an L-shape. Five of them have one bedroom, three of them have three bedrooms and the other 23 apartments have two bedrooms. The smallest houses are 60 square meters and cost 245 thousand euros. The two-bedroom houses have an area of ​​95 square meters and you pay 349,000 euros for it. The largest of the three-bedroom apartments costs 515,000 euros and has an area of ​​120 square meters. Storage and parking will be in the basement. Each apartment has at least one parking space. Bicycle pens are located on the ground floor.

Interior look.

Interior look. © rr


Work is underway to prepare the land for construction. Remarkably, the space where Aldi once lived and is now home to the NRG fitness store still stands. There is actually a safe passage to the fitness room on the side of the plot. This will remain the case for the time being.

Didier Lenz: “NRG will have a permanent place on the ground floor of the Eikenhof. We are building in an L-shape and the place where the fitness room is still completely outside this place. When the building is ready, the NRG will move to the new building and the remaining building will be demolished. After that create a green space for the residents of that site.” Info:

Eric Vandewal

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