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The English are the best party in all fields of cricket

Anyone who was in the first clash of the triangular match between the Netherlands and England on Friday could not have imagined that he would be deceived by the current world champion small cricket nation. That’s true, even though it’s been almost fifteen years.

Mick Jagger – then in a positive mood due to the exciting situation – threw out his last hip cradle and then in a real thriller the English were defeated by the Netherlands. Interchangeable training is not on the game, but on the opening day of the 2009 World Championships, not on any side pitch, but at Lord’s: the so-called ‘home of cricket’. The story of David and Goliath is almost dwarfed.

In 2009, and then in 2014, the Netherlands won against England, and there is no question of a stunt these days. The English did not give anything a chance and with stars like Jose Butler, Jason Roy and Adil Rashid they have the complete A-dress at their disposal. This resulted in more than a uniform game on Friday. The English crushed the Netherlands by no less than 498 runs. Unprecedented number in one day tournament: World record.

Hard snack

The ICC Super League dominates the three ODIs (ODIs) between the two nations, each on the Amsterdam Cricket Club VRA turf in Amsterdam. In it, the top thirteen nations of the world play for eight places in the World Cup. A great opportunity for the Netherlands to measure itself against strong cricket nations. It has already played in Amsterdam against the West Indies, with Pakistan coming to Rotterdam in August. UK tough snack.

In the second game against England, Sunday starts slowly. Due to the heavy rain in the morning and the tarpaulin leak hanging over the pitch, the ground is wet. As a result, the risk of slipping is high and delays follow. The match will start in three hours earlier than planned, shortened. The first ball was scored against two, and in the following minutes, the Netherlands made a mixed appearance. This leads to three discharges within an hour. Although the Orange cricketers are recovering, there is no better score. After 41 overs, the counter stands at 235 runs.

Five thousand cricketers

One of the attendees at Amstelveen was Roland Lefebvre, a former international and now national team high performance manager. Although the Netherlands does not play a major role in global cricket, he says being allowed to play in the Super League is special. “There are twelve professional nations, the Full members International Cricket Council We are the only small country participating in this. So you could say we are the best of the non-professionals. It’s so good.

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Dutch cricket has 5,000 active members and is steadily growing to 4%. Somewhat foreign influences. In some youth teams, many Indians play the official language Hindi. International players like Max O’Dowd, Vikramjit Singh and Scott Edwards are dual nationals and their roots are in real cricketing nations. “We really need those people,” Leffevre asserts. “We can not go on without them. It is difficult to train the best players in the world in the Netherlands because the summer is four months and we have to do with limited competition. We can not expect them to train in one hall throughout the winter and tackle the big nations in the summer. In the current selection, only Tom Cooper and Shane Snyder are playing overseas.

An England cricket fan runs across the field during a game against the Netherlands.
Photo by Piroschka Van De Wouw / Reuters

‘Barmy Army’

The sun has returned to Amstelvine, which is conducive to the mood of the audience. Nearly six thousand tickets have been sold – at least eighty per cent of them to the English. It is still questionable whether they will all come, because dozens of English fans would have turned it into liquor on Friday, which they would not have expected today. This reaffirms the image of the ‘Barmy Army’, a battalion that travels frequently following the English national team. Sweet Caroline Sings hundreds of empty plastic cups together ‘Bear snakesCorrugate across the stand. On A video went viral on Twitter The latter scene is fast viral.

They are also used to giving the best cricket to the fanatics. England are the current ODI world champions and second only to New Zealand in the world rankings. According to experts, Jose Butler is the best player of the moment in its rankings. “He can sign a blank check at any club in the world,” says Tim de Leed, international record holder with 237 matches in the Netherlands. “We’ve talking about millions of salaries a year. By comparison, we only get paid six players.

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Despite the difference in strengths on the field and on paper, de Leed, who retired after the 2007 World Cup, sees the sport growing positively in the Netherlands. “When I’m still playing, you have to be active in the winter months and pay for your own workouts. Now the national team travels around the world and works with a twelve – month schedule. I’m sometimes jealous.

But what has always stuck in cricket is its image. The game can be boring, hard to understand and reserved for the elite. “Nonsense,” says De Lead. “It’s been a long time since I’ve played in chic, white clothes and stopped in between games for more tea or an extensive lunch.”

Viv Kingma tries to stop England from scoring in Amsterdam for the Netherlands.
Photo by Sander Going / ANP

Image polishing

Monica Wieser, the new director of the Dutch cricket association KNCP, can laugh at this. Even though she knows the prejudice that people have. “I’m sure the film could use a polish.” Visser led the Dutch Rowing Federation for almost ten years. Under his leadership, rowing grew to 40,000 members, an increase of more than thirty percent. He will start at KNCB in mid-July and has been given the task of expanding the game of world cricket in the Netherlands as well. For this purpose, Wisser not only wants to use Dutch internationals as ambassadors and wants to invest in young people, but he believes it is important to strengthen the relationship with the Fifty Associations. “As the game grows at the club level, so does the national level. I believe club life is really the foundation of the game. That’s where it should happen, because that’s where you’ll feel growth.

To the sounds of Hi Jude The batting has now changed and England will have to try to cross the 235-run mark over the Netherlands. It starts as a storm, with rain clouds in the background. Although the Barmy Army is not working now. Dozens at a time, they beg a defender on the field to throw the wrong beach ball back. After a while, the first striker presents himself.

The Dutch team controlled the damage this time, but the second game ended in the eighth to fourth quarter when England came in for 239 runs. On Wednesday, Orange gets another chance.