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The Environment Council explores a new park Grote Schegen (Duern)

The Environment Council explores a new park Grote Schegen (Duern)

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On Thursday 19 May the Wommelgem Environmental Council organizes an expedition through the amazing Park Groot Schijn in the neighboring Deurne.

Between Ruggeveldlaan and Turnhoutsebaan and the site of Makro and Autolei there is a large area unknown to many. It lies north and south of the river “Het Schijn” which forms the border between Wijnegem and Wommelgem. A significant part of this area is located in the Wommelgem region.

Everyone knows the mysterious space to the left of the driveway to the Macro parking lot. This large area has been converted into a park in the past five years. A park that is a pleasure to walk in, where many organizations have their (sports) playgrounds, where the Scouts have the Master Schmidt farm, where the dog club can organize “fitness” sessions. It’s also a nice, short road through the Rivierenhof to Wijnegem.

The former skating rink and slope were given a different purpose…. Sportoase swimming pool. This space was developed entirely in close consultation with existing clubs and organizations…a participatory project. It was an exciting achievement.

Jens Verwaerde, President of Natuurpunt Schijnvallei, who is closely involved in the entire Park Groot Schijn investigation, will accompany a tour of this new park especially for the Wommelgem Environmental Council and its sympathizers.


Appointment place: Sportoase, Ruggeveldlaan, Thursday 19 May, departure at 7 pm (bike and car park nearby). Expect to finish around 9pm after which Wommelgem Local Council serves a drink in place at the end of the walk.

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