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The Federation goes to court against Felice Matsu, but not against Anderlecht, who wants to surprise himself |  sports

The Federation goes to court against Felice Matsu, but not against Anderlecht, who wants to surprise himself | sports

belgian footballThe transfer of Phyllis Matsu (56) to Anderlecht ends in court. The federation is taking legal action against Mazo (and not against Anderlecht). That’s while Purple & White proudly announced their new coach a few hours ago.

This afternoon, 5:30 pm. Anderlecht is proud to announce the arrival of Felice Matsu as the new head coach through its official channels. With an indefinite contract, the successful Union coach has to guide the Purple & White team to the top. “My job will be to match football’s identity and home style with results and to integrate and develop young players,” Matsuo said in the statement. Chairman Wouter Vandenhaute and CEO Peter Verbeke are also pleased with the new T1. All eyes are already turning towards June 20, when Matsu will lead his first training as an RSCA coach.

Until Union Saint-Gilloise for his part spoils the festivities an hour and a half later. The vice-champion dropped a bombshell by saying that the club had not reached an agreement with Anderlecht and that Mazu had breached his contract by invoking “Law of 3 July ’78”, as can be read. “The Federation is stunned by the actions of its coach and Anderlecht and will investigate the legal steps that can be taken,” a statement read. Our editors emphasized that these legal steps would be taken against Mazo, not against Anderlecht.

Phyllis Mazo. © Photo News

Anderlecht surprised

Another hour later, about eight in the morning, Anderlecht was back again. She is surprised by the union’s contacts and will defend herself against the accusations. Anderlecht also claims to have kept the union up to date with the situation throughout the day. The Purple & White believes that Mazzu’s transfer has nothing to do with the infamous law of February 24, 1978 as it is known in football circles. The RSCA has constructively consulted with Union in recent days about a more than fair transfer fee, but has been unable to reach an agreement at this time. “In anticipation, Phyllis Matsuo gave his notice like any regular employee, nothing more, nothing less.” Anderlecht indicated that the club’s intention remains to reach an agreement with the federation. Although it seemed inevitable that Matsu’s move would end in court.

However, this does not change the fact that the Belgian Italian will be a coach at Lotto Park next season. With Sandro Salamon (video analyst), Thibaut Mayer (physical coach) and Laurent Dieredt (goalkeeper coach), the majority of the union’s staff cut the ball to Anderlecht. Frenchman Samba Diawara came mainly from Charleroi to become T2.

Phyllis Matsuo in his new home.

Phyllis Matsuo in his new home. © RSCA

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