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The first solar eclipse of the year will happen this weekend

The first solar eclipse is approaching in 2022. You just have to get on a plane to see it.

This weekend is today: The first solar eclipse of 2022 will occur on April 30th. On that day, the moon, the sun and the earth are aligned, so that the moon blocks the sunlight. As a result, the moon’s shadow falls on Earth. There is no visible complete eclipse. This means that the moon only partially covers the sun, making it seem as if a sting from a celestial body. Also, eclipses cannot be seen everywhere.

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Live broadcast

If you live in the Netherlands, you won’t get anything from a solar eclipse. It is only visible in the southern hemisphere. As long as there isn’t much cloud cover, people in South America will be able to get a good look at the eclipse in the late afternoon. The moon can also be seen taking a bite out of the sun along the coast of Antarctica. If you want to see the solar eclipse with your own eyes, you must buy a plane ticket.

A solar eclipse is expected to appear in the Netherlands later this year, on October 25. Until then, we’ll have to settle a file Live broadcast from this eclipse.

sources: NASAIFL Science

Photo: NASA/Noah Moran

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