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The G40 was the first fast Volkswagen Polo

The G40 was the first fast Volkswagen Polo

The Volkswagen Polo was famous for nearly a decade as one of the best car boobs when its makers gave it a can of spinach as a joke. Popeye with new fangs hardly knew what to do with all that extra muscle. The G40 had a 113 horsepower 1.3 with the G-lader, a mechanical compressor that made small Volkswagen very fast at the time.

The recipe for the highly successful Golf GTI was fairly simple: You could tinker with an oversized engine in an everyday hatchback, sporty for the occasion. When horsepower fell short, Volkswagen adopted a complex compressor with a spiral casing, the G-charger, according to Wiki, a French invention from the beginning of the last century.

Small Edition First G40

Wolfsburg introduced this supercharger in 1985 in their then-experienced Polo G40. This model will appear in Germany only after two years and until then only in a limited edition of 500; The rest of Europe had to wait until a facelift in the summer of 1990.

An alternative to exhaust gas turbines

With the choice of G-charger, Volkswagen went on thin ice. No other car brand used this invention, which served as a replacement for the exhaust gas turbo, which in turn, after a strong revival (especially at Renault and Mitsubishi) in the early 1980s, was almost lost to the rapidly developing multi-valve technology, that other way of improving the filling roller.

G-Charger characteristics defended the Volkswagen choice enthusiastically, because, unlike the exhaust gas turbo, this one did not suffer from the damned turbo lag – that annoying pause after a step on the throttle, which was inseparable with the wind instrument in the pioneering years – connected – with Continuing to deliver very high performance. The compressor G was belt driven by the crankshaft, and therefore was always up to date.

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Four seconds faster than usual 1.3

This immediately gave the engine 1.3 of the power and torque of another well-known Polo, so that barely more than 800 kilograms of the light coupe with playful ease separated itself from the stunned pursuers. As an indication: The regular 75-hp Polo GT took less than four seconds longer to accelerate to 100 km/h, and the G40 did in 8.6 seconds. At least, when a file G40 pilot He managed to stop his car from locking up in place with two amazing front wheels. Once he started walking cautiously, Popeye skated for the first part, due to the lack of grip of the narrow 175mm rubber. And not just on thin ice!