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The Giuseppe season has begun again in the Southern Hemisphere

The selection of Kissabel apple varieties in Chile, Argentina, New Zealand, Australia and South Africa was recently completed. The results are very positive. Thanks to the relatively normal weather conditions during the summer months, the quality and quantity of fruits are excellent. Apples with red flesh, with a crunchy bite and unusual taste, are ready to impress consumers in the southern hemisphere.

The project of this species in the Southern Hemisphere received one of the most enthusiastic responses from the most advanced country, Australia. “The Kissabel apple harvest was good,” said Angela Bracken, Montague’s marketing manager. “Growing areas benefited from cool summers and above-average rainfall. These conditions resulted in high quality fruit and good yields. However, humid conditions also provided challenges, but the results were absolutely favorable.”

Sales were also positive. “Our recently opened store, Bills Orchard Gate, introduces locals directly to Kissabell and allows us to hear their opinions on the characteristics and taste of these apples. We’ve included gizzard apples on our tours to tell consumers in orchards more about these apples. “

Montek has launched various marketing campaigns to promote the consumption of its pink and red succulent apples, with PR posters in store (also used as gift boxes for customers and media), information sessions, flavors and posts. Social media.

In neighboring New Zealand, the Kissabell project continues and continues to think ahead. “We are now in our third year of testing,” explains Paul Painter, general manager of Yummyfruit. “These apples, with their low sour taste, we can say are exactly what we expected. This attribute is especially appreciated by Asian consumers, a group we are highly targeted for.”

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Also in the west, South Africa is an important growing region. The testing phase here is already well advanced and farmers are focusing on red-fleshed varieties. These are very suitable for the soil and climate of the country. “We only focus on red-meat varieties,” confirms Tanith Freeman, Dutoit’s product development manager. “The first business season is scheduled for 2025. We will focus on the best local supermarkets.”

Finally, cultivation experiments in Chile Unifruit and Mono Azul in Argentina yielded the best results. Ricardo Katty, Unifruit’s head of production, said: “The flesh color and crispy texture of the Gissabel apples are very good.” So our limited shares sold out very quickly. This year we focus on testing in Central America. We are very optimistic about the next one. . Step. “

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