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The government is investing $ 3 million in biomass boilers for New Zealand farmers

Government funding for projects to reduce CO2 emissions has been allocated மில்லியன் 3 million for a biomass boiler to a major pepper producer in New Zealand.

Funding for the boiler will help growers of pepper, tomatoes and butter use renewable materials instead of gas, part of a 8 million fund recently announced by Energy Secretary Megan Woods.

The money comes from the third round of government investment funding to decorbonize the greenhouse horticulture sector, for which .5 34.5 million has already been spent.

According to the Energy Efficiency and Safety Authority, the declared fiscal year will save 38,883 tons of greenhouse gas emissions. According to the authority, the full decarbonization fund, worth 42 42.5 million so far, has reduced greenhouse gas emissions by 364,127 tonnes a year. This equates to 134,800 cars being taken off the road.

Southern Paprika, which operates large greenhouses north of Auckland to grow chillies, butter and tomatoes, received just under மில்லியன் 3 million for a biomass boiler, which it says would reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 70%.


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