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“The Hardest Job Ever”: This was the best part of “The Voice Kids” |  showbiz

“The Hardest Job Ever”: This was the best part of “The Voice Kids” | showbiz

TVKnockouts was sung for the second time on The Voice Kids on Friday. Each team put three strong kids against each other to advance to the next round. And these three groups were well thought out.

For example, coach Metejoor put together three nominees playing an instrument, Duncan delivered a good vibes knockout and coach Laura put three strong pop stars against each other. Then K3 introduced “Quick Knockout” filled with Taylor Swift songs.

Candidates Lula (13, Neumunster), Finn (14, St. Niklas) and Aiko (11, Ekiren) competed against each other for Duncan’s team. The coach explained his choice: “They all have a unique but positive energy and, above all, a lot of good feelings.” Finn was allowed to audition for This is The Life by director Amy MacDonald, but in an entirely different jacket. The song was translated into French specifically for her, although that didn’t make it any easier. “They are real tongue-twisters. We gave her the hardest job ever at The Voice Kids,” said Coach Duncan.

In the Laura Marit team (9, Bruges), Jan Alexander (12, Ghent) and Solara (10, Nieuwerkerken) competed against each other. Jan Alexander, aka JAP, was allowed to once again show his talent for rapping. He performed the song “Alright” by Kendrick Lamar. “Sometimes the words had to be tweaked a little,” Coach Laura laughed beforehand. Adjustment is necessary, so that the figure remains suitable for children. Things got worse for a while while performing JAP, but the young rapper was able to recover quickly.

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Gaëlle (14, Ypres), Eloïse (10, Zedelgem) and Naomi (13, Zaventem) faced each other during Team K3’s knockout, under the title Taylor Swift. Coaches Julia, Han, and Marth laughed. Naomi embraced the country vibe with “Red” and made a deep impression on the coaches.

Metejoor had Louis (13, Oostkamp), Elise (14, Hove) and Jinthe (12, Melsele) against each other. The latter may look cute, but she showed her most ruthless side on stage. She also performed a real rock song about heartbreak: “As weak as I am” from Skunk Anansie.

“The Voice Kids”, Friday at 8.35 pm on VTM and VTM GO