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The hatch will change course: “The space behind defense shouldn’t be bad.”

Feyenoord could play a completely different kind of football next year than he was under Dick Advocaat. The current coach believes, despite the fact that there are players who want to play more attack, that the current team is unable to do so. According to the statement, the players are not suitable for football pressure Peter Zwart from Voetbal International An Arne Slot slot will do this.

The new coach of Feyenoord has a different view of the football that will be played. Early pressure ensured that in his final year at Arizona the clubs were the least-passers in the Eredivisie defense. Even when Slot had Cambuur under his command, he preferred to press forward and hit the ball early when he lost the ball. “If our opponent’s defense has the ball in our own half of the court, this is often more likely for us than if we had the ball in our own half of the court. If you put pressure on the opponent well and in order, you force the opponent to make difficult choices,” said Slot. And he may make mistakes.Given the position of the ball at that moment, losing possession, directly or indirectly, often creates an opportunity for us.

The lawyer believes that the Feyenoord defenders cannot play with space in the back. Slot looks at it differently. In best year at AZ, Ramon Lewin, Ron Flare, Pantless Hatzidiakus, Steen, Wittens, Tion Cupmeners and Jordi Classy used as central defenders, all of which was not the fastest. Even in his time at Cambor, the rearguard was not the fastest. Slott’s starting point is: “The space behind the defense should not be bad if his team exerts pressure such that the opposing team cannot use that space.”

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