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The jury decides who will go to the final in 'House made'

The jury decides who will go to the final in ‘House made’

For eight months they removed the soul from their bodies, but the remaining three nights are present local their final report. In the final sprint race, Jones and Eileen from Beringen, Emil and Alexia from Boortmeerbeek and Cedric and Anais from Antwerp receive help from friends and family for the final finishes, but then await the inevitable jury verdict. Then contractor Serena Marcheta, 40, interior engineer Gert Forgans, 60, and real estate expert Hadisa Suleiman, 32, decided which tandems would compete tomorrow for a self-designed dream home and a life without a loan.

“And that was difficult,” says Serena Merchita, who, like her colleagues, passed on her points individually in an envelope. “All couples were surprised. Positively, but also in a negative sense. Until the last week, I honestly thought the level of finishing was a little lower than it was in Season 1, but because of the last week, where pairs had the opportunity to shed pain points, the level became similar. ”

Corners and hobbyhorses

The participants demolished a living room, bathroom, kitchen, garden and bedrooms and then reconstructed them according to their own taste. Each judge rules with his experience, and each judge takes an oath of what to do and what not to do. “I think fifty shades of white and beige is really terrible,” frets Gert Forgans, who, among other things, furnished Mick Jagger homes as an interior architect. “These people are young people, why are they afraid of coloring outside the lines? The facility may be asymmetric and must be multifunctional. A dining table with six chairs built in brick is really boring. This table should also be able to be an office or a place For kids to do crafts. I want to see colors and a rebellious side.”

She changed Forgans, Serena Marketa and Hadisa Suleiman.VTM image

For Hadisa Suleiman, who has had her own real estate agency for six years, the participants’ homes above all must tell an unmistakable story. “You always score with me with this,” she says. “If I go for vintage wallpaper, this pattern should continue in the rest of the house. Rustic style mixed with modern, that doesn’t work. But I also pay attention to the individuality of the pairs, don’t follow trends timidly. For example, I don’t understand the hype around black taps.” Absolutely. Many people choose it out of a lack of inspiration, but when the hype is over, there will be years later with your hype since then.”

Contractor and architect Serena looks mainly at finishing. And she has her horses. “I really don’t like sloppy paintwork,” Serena says. “You don’t have to be very easy to draw, so that’s no excuse. An eye for detail is important to me. What I’m really allergic to is dirt and ‘greasy corners’, where it can crawl. Poorly placed panels are one example of this. It’s best to avoid Anything can get dirt into it to get a positive evaluation.”

No green fingers

The judges led the competition in recent months, but their supremacy fell into the final. The winner will be chosen on Wednesday by the viewer (after tonight’s episode they can vote until midnight) and by a panel of 25 moderators and 50 potential buyers who have already visited the properties.

So the job of the three judges is over. But where do they prefer to live? “I really like what Jonah and Eileen did in Beringen,” Voorjans says. “There are Chinese and Moroccan influences, but it doesn’t get vulgar.” Hadisa also sees potential in Portmeerbeek. “The flow of the house is correct, the spaces flow into each other very naturally. Moreover, I have three children, the listed house in Antwerp may be too small. (Laugh)“Serena doesn’t think so.” I love town and Cedric and Anna have really blown it over the last week to finish it off. The rooftop terrace and patio are perfect for me, because I don’t have green fingers at all. (Laugh)

localTonight, Wednesday and Thursday at 8.35pm at VTM

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