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The keyboard is getting a popular feature from android

The keyboard is getting a popular feature from android

Apple will build a popular feature in Android. In iOS 16, the keyboard is getting an Android vibration feature called keyboard feedback. You can read here how to enable this function.

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iOS 16 keyboard: Comes with vibration function

In fact, it shouldn’t get any crazier, but Apple will take over a common functionality from Android. In iOS 16, it will be possible to turn on keyboard notes. With this feature, you can feel the iPhone vibrate very gently when typing on the keyboard.

The vibration function has been on Android smartphones for years and is a much requested feature for iOS. It was already possible to use transfers and ‘jailbroken’ Iphone (iPhone lets you install apps that aren’t in the App Store) Add vibration feature. But now it looks like Apple is finally working on building in an official, proprietary way.

To enable the feature in iOS 16, follow the steps below:

iOS 16 keyboard: Turn on vibration (keyboard notes)

  1. Press the “Settings” application;
  2. Scroll down and tap Hear & Feel;
  3. On the next page, scroll down again and tap on Keyboard Notes;
  4. Set the slider to “Tactile” to On.

sound and touch

In iOS 15 (and earlier), it is only possible to make a sound when you tap a key on your keyboard. With iOS 16, you’ll soon be able to hear and feel the typing on your keyboard. It is of course also possible to turn off both functions (or one of the two).

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ios 16 overview

More about iOS 16

During WWDC 2022, the long-awaited iOS 16 officially announced. Like previous updates to the iPhone, iOS 16 includes dozens of innovations both big and small. In the article below, you will find the most important new iOS 16 features in a row.

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