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The last major city of the Luhansk region under pressure: "Lysychansk is completely surrounded" |  Abroad

The last major city of the Luhansk region under pressure: “Lysychansk is completely surrounded” | Abroad

The strategically located city of Lysychansk, in eastern Ukraine, is “totally surrounded”. This is what the pro-Russian separatists said on Saturday, the official Russian news agency TASS reported. It is the last major city in the eastern Luhansk region that is still in the hands of Ukraine.

“Today the Luhansk militia and Russian forces took control of the last strategic positions, which allowed us to confirm that Lyschansk is completely besieged,” the official news agency quoted a separatist spokesman as saying.

TASS quoted the unilaterally declared Luhansk authorities that fighters from the breakaway region of Lysichank entered and advanced towards the Shakir stadium near the city center.

Kyiv denies the city is completely encircled, adding that fierce fighting is raging.

Russian artillery fire

Lysichansk is regularly bombarded by Russian artillery and according to the pro-Russian separatists, there is already fighting on the city streets. Neither Ukraine nor independent observers have confirmed this.

If the separatists captured the city, the Russians could advance further into the Donbass region. Because the Russians failed to capture the Ukrainian capital, Kyiv, the attack is now primarily aimed at this region.
Russia recently captured Shevyerodonetsk, a city east of Lysychansk. Fierce street fighting erupted weeks ago.

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