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The municipality of the park is gradually preparing for cycling (Brasschaat)

The municipality of the park is gradually preparing for cycling (Brasschaat)


With the Belgian Championship for Newcomers Brashat has started a series of Belgian Championships that is supposed to lead to a great apotheosis in 2026. Then the professionals will ride their Belgian Championship in the Park Municipality. Sunday’s warm-up went exactly according to plan and actually attracted quite a few people.

The nerve center was located in Hemelakkers, where the general village was established. For the ladies, the interest was still very moderate, but for the men the general village gradually began to fill up. Matches can also be followed on the big screen.

Big Screen Public Village. © Jan Press

Stijn Caremans of the organisation: “We want to put Brasschaat on the map as a cycling community. But in fact, it was Prime Minister Jean Gambon who started this Belgian championship track. In 2026, exactly 100 years ago, Alfred Martojen organized the first Belgian one-day championship We will repeat that in 2026 and as preparation for the tournament we will organize a Belgian Championship every year, from juniors to professionals.”

The layout of the general village and the VIP area will also be the design of N8 in Prashat. This race is traditionally held two days after Village Day and is separate from these Belgian Championships.

“Last year we paid a little attention to cycling enthusiasts in the arrivals area during the N8 in Brasschaat. For them, it was very little experience in starting and reaching. We will approach it differently this year, and today’s lineup may be that of the N8 from Brasschaat. in September,” adds Stijn Caremans.

In Bredabaan in the center of the municipality, the race is not yet a storm, but the catering companies still take in slightly more people than on a normal Sunday afternoon. (jbr)

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