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The narrow floor makes the tent calm

The narrow floor makes the tent calm

“We used to have carpets, but soon lost the battle with the crowds and spilled liters of coffee,” says Susanne va Brand Builders. “So we started looking at the design floor, which can last a long time and still be beautiful.” Colleague Eric: “This is what this Arturo molded floor has become. You won’t find a tighter floor. It’s smooth and brings calm to the tent. Nice for balance. Because we have so many colors and crazy interior items people are busy at home.”

The working metallic color became. Vivid light gray concrete look. Susan: “A great match with the black metal legs of our furniture. And with the wooden table tops and the jungle of plants growing here. Along with the damping ceiling panels, the acoustics are also top notch. Not unimportant in a large room with thirty workaholics.”

Translating ideas into a floor

Eric: “Arturo Studio can help you translate your ideas into a floor concept. Arturo designer Thea advised us. She was able to explain in great detail the effect of floors and colors on this space. It helped immensely with the choice. You know what else stands out? Our business climate It feels nicer and more natural.” Susan: “And then the thoughts come more automatically.”

the floor

floor: Arturo PU2030 Cast Floor
Color: working metal
finish: Arturo PU7310 Topcoat

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