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The national strike shuts down public transportation completely

The national strike shuts down public transportation completely

Because of Friday’s national union action, four out of ten flights will not be driven in Flanders. Service is severely disrupted especially in Antwerp and East Flanders. There is only one metro line in Brussels, and trams and buses are limited. This was reported by STIB.

Only 55 per cent of flights will continue in East Flanders and Antwerp. In Flemish Brabant, 60 percent of the transportation is done. In West Flanders this is 65 percent and in Limburg there will be seven out of ten vehicles on the road.

The disturbances are the result of action by the three unions ABVV, ACV and ACLVB. They are protesting Friday in Brussels to demand a revision of the 1996 Wage Standards Act. They are demanding higher wages as energy, fuel and food prices continue to rise. In addition to working in Brussels at the headquarters of the Confederation of Belgian Companies (VBO), union members also meet at 9:30 am at the Operaaplein in Antwerp and at 11.55 am at the Ghent Kramersplein.

Most disturbances will occur in and around Ghent and Antwerp. The impact on coastal trams will also be significant, with about 35 percent of all journeys taking place on the road. De Lijn deeply regrets the inconvenience and inconvenience this union action is causing to travelers. Passengers can check whether the bus or tram runs on Friday on the website via† Obstacles caused by the action will not appear on the route planner and in stop pages.

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Only one metro line is in service with STIB

Brussels public transport company STIB reported via Twitter that only metro line 1 operates in the capital. Other metro lines will not operate on Friday.

STIB has previously warned of a very serious disruption to bus, tram and metro traffic, and called on travelers to provide an alternative if possible. The situation at 6.30am already shows that there is a lot of turmoil. For example, of the four metro lines, Line 1. Only trams operate on Lines 3, 4, 7, 8, 9, 51, 82, and 92. “Other metro and tram lines do not operate today.”

On the bus network, lines 12, 34, 53, 59, 65, 71, 87 (extended to Zwarte Vijvers), 88 and 95 are in service. There will be no buses from the Noctis night network on Friday night.