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The new season of 'D5R' can be watched on Streamz starting this week

The new season of ‘D5R’ can be watched on Streamz starting this week

Need a guilty pleasure? Then there’s the good news, because this week the eleventh season of D5R on me Streamz† The trailer has already been shared by the streaming service and it appears that the tension between the five friends is building again.

It’s almost time. The eleventh (!) season will be released on Wednesday, June 22nd D5R. This series has been available exclusively on Streamz for a while, but it’s still very popular. So it’s no surprise to say that nostalgia keeps working. Especially when the characters and the story grow with the viewers.


Since the beginning of the series D5R on me net series It’s a wow. The first seasons took place in Vilford, while the characters were in high school. After a break, I decided Telenet To give the series another chance. But the move also came with a number of story changes.

For example, all the characters went to study at Ghent, where their story continued. And just like in the original series, Friends had to deal with necessary drama, problems, and arguments. while D5R Exclusive to Streamz.

season 11

So season eleven will begin there this week, on Wednesday, June 22nd. And to make the wait even more enjoyable, Streamz just dropped a trailer. In this trailer, you can see how emotional this season will be. Kyra (Liandra Sadzo) meets Bram’s adoptive parents and discovers a different side of him, while Leyla has to deal with something that is losing all of her confidence.

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Amber (Jamie-Lee Six) is left alone in a difficult decision, but fortunately there is Wout (Sander Provost) near her to back her up. Vincent (Thijs Antonio) also needs the support of his friends after a great loss.

Watch the trailer for D5R Season 11 is here: