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The sculpture, which has works from around the world, now has artworks in its own municipality (Wustwessel).

Admiring view of Verhelst’s sculpture in front of Kadu’s Theater Hall. © Neil Vermeyren


Erik Verhelst’s Communicator of Emotions artwork for the Cadence Cultural Centre. This means that the artist now has a sculpture in his own municipality.

Erik Verhelst is a world-renowned sculptor. He has won symposia around the world. His artwork can be seen in Peru, New Zealand and Japan and across Europe, but he has yet to find a place in his home municipality. That has now changed. His work now adorns the amphitheater for cc credits. “It couldn’t have been a better place than here,” Mayor Dieter Wouters (CD&V) said during the release. “Artistic expressions such as pictures, music, words and dance meet in this cultural temple. To express your own art is to express yourself. It shows courage to show your own art. That is why I respect all those who participate in the art exhibition at the Kreuzveckermis event. The opening of the monument immediately follows the cultural center Blomaert in the municipal park. The exhibition opened in , where the exhibition is also set up.The exhibition can be seen on Sunday 28th and Monday 29th August.

The communicator of emotions is carved from Belgian blue stone. “It comes from the Carrières du Hainaut quarry in Soignies,” says the artist. “I always work on this world famous stone. Art is the expression of various colors in stone in sculpture.” The artwork was scheduled to be released last year, but it was badly damaged in transit. Now it has been restored and is finally at Qadaz place. “Communication and emotions are important, but what language this work speaks and what emotions it evokes is different for every fan.” (vw)

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