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The set of ‘Coyote Ugly’ was surrounded by ‘body shaming’ of young actresses

Melanie Lynskey, now a 45-year-old New Zealand star, plays great roles in movies like Don’t look up. Yet she has had to deal with a lot of ‘body shaming’ in her acting career – even now. It was intense during the shoot Coyote uglyA film about young, attractive women in a bar.

Melanie Lynskey says Here For Buzzfeed:
“My looks were always criticized. The feedback was always: You’re not beautiful. You’re not beautiful.”

Bad people
Then spoke Coyote ugly Surrounded by bad guys on set. Melanie Lynskey was then in her twenties. Still, she starved herself to be as thin as possible for the scenes. Her female counterparts also had to go on a strict diet.

“It’s ridiculous. I was already starving myself for the body I had then. I was already too thin. And it still wasn’t good enough.”

Spicy comment
The beautiful actress says she was forced to wear tight underwear for her outfits. People were very disappointed when they saw her.

“The costume designer said no one told me there would be girls like me. There were always snarky comments about my looks. The make-up people said they would help me by giving me a bit more jawline and things like that.”

Melanie Lynskey says she was in her twenties when she received the criticism. At that age, it’s hard to criticize your looks. It’s all about being beautiful. Even now, sometimes I am asked to lose weight for a role.

“My body is part of a certain character. It’s about being comfortable in your own skin and being sensual. Girls see that it’s good to see my posture in the film. Without anyone immediately shouting that the character is fat.”

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