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The Ten-Head Club Brugge did not impatiently pass Beerchot

The Ten-Head Club Brugge did not impatiently pass Beerchot

Karl Hofkins has not yet been able to call up his internationals, but he has already sent off David O’Kerek. With the guests, coach Andreas Wieland missed striker Lawrence Shankland for family reasons, and Thibod Verlinden was forced to part with illness again. The origin of Mardochee Nzita did not exist either.

The Beerschot players immediately tried to carry out their coach’s vision – pressing hard on the opponent – constantly, and this also led to the first goal attempt of the match: Baeten took his chance but went too far. After a few minutes, Club Brugge already had ten men: Nsoki retaliated against Baeten after he made a very daring tackle, and the French defender was immediately allowed to pack his bags.

Nsoki was shown a red card. © BELGA

The best scoring chances before the end of the first half were already by Berchot. After a quick breakthrough, the Sebaoui turned on Vaca’s separate but his shot went too far. Moments later, the Bolivian player was allowed to take his chance again, but that didn’t result in a goal. Header saved by Van Den Bergh on the line.

Just half an hour later, Hoefkens stepped in for the first time: Sowah replaced the mediocre Okereke. This substitution did not immediately change the match. The numerical bottom number weighed heavily in the Club, while Beerschot continually continued to develop high pressure on the opponent.

However, before the break, Jutgla showed that he is very effective in the zone of truth: the 23-year-old Spanish striker headed the ball with precision past the desperate Vanamel (1-0) with a corner kick. Beerschot immediately tried to respond, but Vaca’s free kick hit the area.


Both coaches alternate between halves. Brugge brought nine new players between the lines, only Shenton remained in goal. Fanamel also appeared among the visitors’ post-break blog posts, and Wieland also threw ten new players, especially youngsters, into the fray for that second period.

The first attempt came from the young Antwerp’s promise: Al-Hajjawi gripped well from the left, but his shot could not overcome Shenton. Young Beerschot wasn’t a fan at all, and Goossens even made it 1-1.

In that second hour, the club could hardly create a goal-hazard, because the teamwork of the young blue-and-black team was finally too tough, despite the best intentions. So Bierchot stayed upright in all. Only in the end did Klopp win thanks to a superb free kick from Service, who had just entered.

Club Brugge: Shinton, Mata, Nsuki, Otasui, Major, Palanta, Vomir, Nosa, Gutgla, Okerek (32 Sowah) and Sandra

The second half: Shenton, Engels, Sabi, Hautiquet, Mondel (90 sila), Soah (90 Vermant), Rika, Talbi (90 Servis), Mbamba and Odur.

Bearshot: Vanamel (75 minutes), Van den Berg, Matisse, Quirinen, Peyten, Abdullah, Vaca, Wemans, Rigo, El Sebaoui and Radek

Second half: Vanamel, Sanusi, Okeri, Kochi, Azzawi, El-Hajjawi, Goossens, Muldermann, Kaissi, Van Hempek, Van Stenwinkel and Konstantopoulos.

Objectives: 52′ Gotgla 1-0, 75′ Goossens 1-1, 105′ Service 2-1

yellow cards: Payten, Abdullah, formerly and English

red cards: Nsuki

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