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The winner of 12.8 million euros reports after nearly two months in the Netherlands |  abroad

The winner of 12.8 million euros reports after nearly two months in the Netherlands | abroad

After 1.5 months, the winner of the state lottery informs the Netherlands. Approximately 13 million euros can be credited to his account. The winning ticket was purchased in Belswick Village. In recent days, flyers and an advertising plane have been sent into the air to track down the winner. Today it finally paid off.

According to the state lottery, the person in question “in part thanks to this publicity” checked their lottery number and then reported the claim for the million-dollar prize. Earlier, Staatsloterij also called on the residents of Plesvik to search well at home. The identity of the winner will remain unknown. So it’s also not clear if the person comes from Plesvik – near Rotterdam.

It has kept the spirits busy in the Dutch village in recent days: 12,800,000 euros. Above the Primera’s counter, a large (fake) check with the astronomical amount written on it was hung. “We ask customers: Is that you? Have you looked carefully in all the drawers?” “Suppose the piece ends up in the trash.”

Lotte FV 74622

The cash prize fell on March 10, and a day later Brandhurst was informed that the winning ticket, FV 74622, had been purchased from her store. A month and a half later, the millionaire who would become has yet to come forward. It is almost impossible to know who owns the 12.8 million euro piece of paper. For example, due to privacy, she was not allowed to review camera photos from her store.

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The state lottery was also bored. “We’re looking at it seriously,” a spokesperson for the organization said. “People sometimes want to let it sink in or come on a special day to collect money. We noticed that it took a long time, especially with that amount.”

Dutch Lottery spokeswoman Cynthia van Barren was looking for a winner earlier this week: