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'They're not laughing at her at London Zoo': What this handbag in the middle of an animal enclosure does

‘They’re not laughing at her at London Zoo’: What this handbag in the middle of an animal enclosure does

A handbag made of crocodile skin appears in the reptile enclosure at the London Zoo. In this way, the zoo wants to educate visitors about the illegal trade in endangered species.

A surprised visitor posted a photo of the scene on Twitter. “This handbag once swam in rivers in Southeast Asia and Indonesia,” the zoo’s caption read. “Over the past 75 years, more than 80 percent of Siamese crocodiles have disappeared. Many specimens are hunted for their skin.” According to BBC public broadcaster, there are now less than 1,000 Siamese crocodiles living in the wild.

The zoo wants to use the handbag, which was seized at a London airport in 2018, to accuse the freshwater reptile of being a victim of poachers and the illegal trade in crocodile skin. The handbag has been in the reptile’s enclosure some time ago, but the campaign has been making a big splash online in recent days. “Anything that can draw attention to the illegal trade is a bonus,” said Ben Tabley, who leads the reptile and amphibian division.

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