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Thibaut Vervoort is a 'must watch on TV' at the 3x3 World Cup: 'It was actually the next big thing in The Giants' |  Basketball World Cup 3x3

Thibaut Vervoort is a ‘must watch on TV’ at the 3×3 World Cup: ‘It was actually the next big thing in The Giants’ | Basketball World Cup 3×3

The Belgian Lions will play for a place in the 3×3 World Cup semi-finals on Saturday at 5.30pm and of course count on Thibaut’s “must watch TV” Verfort. Chris Mertens saw how Verfort just failed to break through 5×5 basketball. “But with 3×3 he found something of his own,” concludes our commentator.

Anyone who sees Thibaut Vervoort playing in a 3×3 arena cannot understand that “must see TV” can never penetrate the hall. “He actually has it all: strong drive, long-range shot, and he’s mentally strong. He can’t be lopsided,” says Chris Mertens.

With all these qualities, do you think a player like Vervoort also has his place with a team in the BNXT League? “I’ve known him since he was still playing for the Antwerp Giants youth. He was actually the ‘next big thing’. Several top Belgian coaches at the time told me Verfort would go too far.”

“But then he got stuck for the first time in second and when he got a chance in the first class in Leuven, actually too. Then I thought it might not work out.”

Several top Belgian coaches at the time told me Vervoort would go too far, but then faltered.

Chris Mertens

But then a 3×3 came his way. “Nick Siles has thrown his lifeline. Celes has a great eye for the players he needs on the team. He has seen that Vervoort has the qualities that enable him to go very far in 3×3. Vervoort also has everything from a perfect 3×3 player. With 3×3 he has found something truly “.

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In no time has Vervoort risen to the top of the world in 3×3, and now he’s shining for his people at the World Cup in Antwerp. “He’s one of the stars,” Chris Mertens concluded. “3×3 lives with young people and everyone wants to be Thibaut Vervoort. He travels the world and is a star in 3×3.”

“Here he too is standing on the field with more faith. He’s enjoying it. He’s spending the time of his life in this growing sport. Verfort is the guy who always finishes it, he’s so handsome. He didn’t make it, but for now, he’s shining in this tournament.” And it can be a very nice track.