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Thieves escape with exclusive BMW: "Only 500 units of this car were made" (Interior)

Thieves escape with exclusive BMW: “Only 500 units of this car were made” (Interior)

The stolen car was recorded by the ANPR camera shortly after 2 am. © rr

Homebeck / Vilford

The thieves escaped Thursday night in Zemstseweg in Hombeek (Mechelen) with an exclusive BMW M3. Only 500 cars were manufactured worldwide. Owner Steve Seghers can only guess how they managed to steal the car. They did not go to our house and did not steal any keys. But the neighbors heard him standing with a lot of noise,” he sighs.

Theo Dirkneren

Steve discovered the theft on Friday morning when he wanted to leave for his company, Jill, a used car dealership and bodywork business in Vilforde. “I put the car in our driveway on Thursday night, but it was gone by Friday morning,” says the man. We didn’t hear anything at all during the night. But it was a big shock when he was no longer there in the morning. A neighbor told us that he heard noises shortly after 2 am on Thursday evening. My BMW’s acceleration noise.”

How the thieves started operating the car is an open question for the owner. “They certainly didn’t come to our house to steal the keys. I still have the key. They might have special electronics or some other ingenious system with them so they can get on and start the car. The alarm didn’t go off either.” (Read more below the photos)

The car also has distinctive rims.

The car also has distinctive rims. © rr

On the dashboard, doors and seats is the Jahre 30 edition logo.

On the dashboard, doors and seats is the Jahre 30 edition logo. © rr

Camera passed

The first finds show that the thieves walked through Zemstseweg in the direction of Bankstraat, probably in the direction of Mechelen. Shortly after the robbery, they also passed an ANPR camera. For Steve Seagers, theft hits hard.

“I’ve owned the car for a year now and I’m very proud of it. Only 500 were made. It was about a 30 Jahre Edition. The car’s special emblem was also applied to the dashboard, as well as to the door and seats. The car had a full leather interior and a dual exhaust at the rear. She had 450 horsepower.”

© rr

specialized gang

Steve now hopes that the theft problem can still be resolved. I am afraid that the theft was carried out by a competent gang and that the car was stolen by order. But last week, a stolen Range Rover from Itegem (Heist-op-den-Berg) was found in a Dutch holiday park half a day after the theft. I hope luck is on my side and my BMW M3 will be found soon.”

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