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This is how audio giant Bose saves on the cost of closing deals

American Bose’s advanced audio equipment can be found not only in many living rooms, but also in almost all well-known car brands and even in airplanes. So the audio company works with business partners from all over the world, which can sometimes make handling documents a time-consuming affair. But Bose came up with a simple, digital solution for this that saved the company not only time, but significant cost.

Eddy Keek is an active product owner at Bose Benelux and works with B2B customers worldwide on a daily basis. Visiting a potential customer to finalize a deal or sign a contract wasn’t an option for Geek, so he started looking for a way to digitize and save time handling contracts at Pose.

Bose had been working with a digital system of records (SOR) for a long time, but this system was only accessible to employees within the company and therefore did not provide an opportunity to digitize all the documents it had to deal with the customer.

Contracts were drawn digitally and then printed and mailed to relevant business partners. Once the contract is re-signed at the Bose office, everything has to be manually scanned to include the documents in the SOR.

“Scanning all those contracts is time-consuming and very inefficient. Every company can spend that time better,” says Geek.

So Geek decided to test out DocuSign, and it turned out to be a bull’s eye. By eSignature By implementing DocuSign capabilities, Bose was able to integrate activities such as sending and signing contracts with SOR. Now nothing needs to be rescanned and everyone always knows what the status of the contract is and what steps still need to be completed.

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“DocuSign’s APIs are easy to integrate with your existing automation tools, which has led to even more efficiencies for our sales department,” says the product owner.

Bose reduced the cost of a contract with DocuSign from 50 euros to 7 euros

DocuSign not only makes management processes more transparent for Pose, but also reduces implementation costs, from 50 euros to just 7 euros per contract.

“DocuSign gave us free support to properly implement the tool within our organization. But eSignature is so clear that we don’t need that support,” says Geek. “We went through the process with the entire team in one 45-minute meeting. Everyone immediately understood and was happy with the new solution.”

According to Eddy, implementation was also a breeze for Bose’s B2B customers, and it didn’t take long for other branches of the company to start using DocuSign. Besides Benelux, eSignature is now also used in Bose offices in Australia and New Zealand.

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