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This is how the Netherlands move: Waddinxveen is relatively popular

Of all the Dutch municipalities, Waddinxveen and Blaricum have experienced strong growth in recent years due to domestic displacements. In balance, there were more than seventy newly established residents per thousand citizens, which is the highest number in all municipalities.

Lauren, on the border of Blaricum, was very attractive to people over 50 years of age. In four years, as a result of the displacement, 29 elderly people were added for every thousand people. This is evident from the statistical Netherlands (CBS) data on moving movements requested and analyzed by NOS’s news editors and regional broadcasters.

The broadcasters wanted to know which municipalities and provinces are growing or shrinking (excluding births and deaths) and especially those over the age of 50 who may choose a different residence when children leave home.

Two million removals

Statistics For the period 2017-2020, the most recent figures from the Netherlands show that more than two million people have moved to another municipality. In absolute numbers, the major cities attracted the most newcomers, Amsterdam was ahead, but there were many departures. Then Amsterdam is almost down, with a migration reserve of minus 26,000. Waddinxveen in South Holland ‘won’ with a positive balance of 2165 extra citizens as a result of domestic relocations.

It is fair to compare a thousand citizens. Then head of the Watinkswein list. Many new homes have been built in Waddinxveen and Blaricum in recent years, which have also attracted home seekers from elsewhere.