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This is how you keep your laptop and smartphone safe

This is how you keep your laptop and smartphone safe

Your laptop and smartphone are not happy with Sun† We consider ourselves lucky to have had a summer week after last year’s fall summer, but our tech gadgets are less happy about that. Especially now that we have more opportunities to work from home, there’s a good chance you’ll open your laptop on the garden table instead of the kitchen table. But it is very sunny. This way you ensure that your technology remains secure.

The sun: a danger to electronics

You may be wondering why the sun is so dangerous for your electronic devices. However, this is not just one thing. In any case, battery life will deteriorate at a rapid pace, so that you can use your device for less time. In the long run, it can cause irreparable damage to the battery, causing it to lose its charging ability. In addition, your device may overheat too much. The battery can leak or catch fire, although you may have to tamper with it.

Many phones also indicate when they are overheating, on the one hand by a warning and on the other by closing required apps like game apps or Spotify. At temperatures over 35 degrees, various devices are simply turned off for safety reasons. Also, don’t forget that your devices have a touch screen which is also vulnerable: a lot of sunlight on that touch screen can also cause a lot of damage.

Do you want to avoid all this boring misery? Logically! Keep your tech intact this summer with these tips.

1. Put them in the shade

It’s an open door, but we have to say this: Find shade with your tools. You can often find a shaded spot that is not only nice for your tools, but also for your skin. Shade really makes a big difference: not just in temperature, but precisely that exposure to direct sunlight is often disastrous for devices.

2. Remove the case

It sounds crazy, because the case is specifically to protect your phone, but just like the clothes you’re wearing, this case is an extra layer of insulation around the device. We also take off our clothes when it’s hot, so in many cases it’s also wise to remove that thick casing from your smartphone. However, it depends on the material your phone is made of and the case: some phones get hot because their material attracts the sun, so check it carefully.

3. Use a chest

You can buy an expensive iCap notebook tent, it is already there, but the Dutch way is the cardboard box. It doesn’t look like much, but you can see your screen better and not suffer from terrible overheating. You can use a box by laying it on its side. The slot is where the keyboard comes out from which you can work, while the rest acts as a kind of cover. Some of the panels in the box act as a kind of sun canopy: perfect.

4. Give them a break

Slide that high brightness down, put it on airplane mode, or just leave it on: Your laptop, tablet, or smartphone benefits from some relief. They need a break to recover from exposure to that light and that heat. Moreover, it is also useful for yourself: it is not so easy to look at the screen in the sun, so that you start to get stressed, you have to focus more or sit closer to the screen more quickly. So give your eyes some relaxation by taking them away from the screen.

5. Choose a privacy filter

Laptop screen privacy filters are expensive, especially because they are “just a piece of plastic,” but they are effective. For example, they nullify the reflection of light and ensure that the person next to you cannot look at your screen on the train. The disadvantage of the privacy filter is that it doesn’t protect the rest of your laptop from the sun, so see this as more than a solution against bright sunlight. In addition, you have to find a good angle, because sometimes you can see a little on your screen because of the privacy screen because it is very dark. However, we wanted to mention this option, because it definitely blocks the sun’s rays on your screen.

solar energy applications

Protecting your devices from the sun is a big challenge, especially if you want to use them. At the same time, the smartphone, in turn, can protect you well from the sun’s rays. You can use several apps that, depending on the weather in your location, give you a warning when it’s best not to sit in the sun. Think QSun, UVLens, and KWF Zonadvies.

Of course, the most important thing is to protect yourself well from the sun, by rubbing yourself well with at least a factor of 30 and possibly reapplying after a few hours. Working from home in the sun can be great, but keep in mind that the orb burns more intensely at certain times of the day than at others, as the above apps can help you.

enjoy From the sun, but do it safely.

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