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This is what happens in your mind when you stop using social media

This is what happens in your mind when you stop using social media

Holiday shots, fun moments and beautiful people. Social media is full of it and despite the fact that a lot of people are using it, more and more users are taking a pause or completely. It takes them too much time or delivers Too much pressure on him. But what actually happens in your mind when you stop using social media? subway asks Anders Tauber of the Bren Foundation.

Quit Instagram for a week. It seemed like a trend in Hollywood in 2017, when American model Kendall Jenner stopped using Instagram for a week, because she said she had become too dependent on it. She kept her 254 million followers on hold and she wasn’t alone. So are Miley Cyrus, Justin Bieber, and Ed Sheeran He broke up with her not too long ago.

Quit social media

Gave two days too Spider ManActor Tom Holland indicated that social media would exaggerate it. That’s why he deleted his apps from his phone. “I’m taking a break, I’m deleting all the apps on my phone, because it’s hurting my mental health,” Holland told his followers in a recorded video.

According to Andreas Tober of the Brain Foundation, constant stress on people is “constantly”. “All social media is designed to keep you up all the time. The happy chemical dopamine is generated every time you get a like, or see something nice. When you stop using social media, you will calm down and you will have to wean yourself off of it.”

However, Tober assures that it depends on how well you handle social media. “If that puts you under too much stress and tension, you just have to take a break. It’s not bad at all to stress, but you shouldn’t do it constantly.”

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Enough moments of rest

A little stress isn’t bad at all, but a lot of it is harmful. “It makes your brain work less well. As a result, you can forget things more often, be easier to get distracted and be more sensitive to negative emotions.” However, there are also ways to prevent this. “Give your brain plenty of moments of rest. When you do this well, you feel more energy and more focus, for example.”

Tober followers, so it’s not a good idea to take a break from social media now and then. “As long as your brain gets enough rest and space to recover, you don’t have to worry. If you’re under severe stress from social media, take a break.”

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This is what happens in your mind when you stop using social media