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This is where Julie Vermeire loves to spend her weekend: "I used to say 'no' to french fries, not anymore" |  Nina

This is where Julie Vermeire loves to spend her weekend: “I used to say ‘no’ to french fries, not anymore” | Nina

You win her heart with food and drink. Julie Vermeire’s favorite titles don’t lie, and her boyfriend also managed to touch this sensitive nerve on his first date. When she visits her father, Jack, it is nature that can charm her. Although she recently left the nest to fly to West Flanders. “Watching the sky every night on the beach as the sky turns pink and the day ends beautifully: that’s very satisfying.”

1. Favorite activity

© Instagram

“This has to be my favorite restaurant in Antwerp: Tamo. A trendy Thai restaurant, perfect for a romantic dinner. They have beautifully decorated their Southern business with beautiful flowers and straw lamps. Besides the atmosphere, there’s also simply delicious food. Go to a restaurant and make time for each other. Some? My favorite activity is relaxation.”
Volkstraat 44, Antwerp –

2. Five kilometers in the legs

Lander Lux

© Lander Locks

“Keerbergen in general is highly recommended with lots of beautiful nature, like Broekelei. When I’m with my dad, Lake Keerbergen is the perfect hiking route for me. A circle around the water is five kilometers long. I’ve only started running during lockdown, but it’s gotten a lot more fun. On top of that, you also have Kruisheide, which is a beautiful nature reserve where I love to walk my dog.”
Kruisheide, Mwami

3. City Girl

p p

© rr

“I recently moved to Kortrijk with my boyfriend, but all of my friends live in Antwerp. It’s the city closest to my heart. When I get there, I have to stop by The Butcher’s Coffee. The best chai latte can be found here. It’s my favorite drink and I always drink it with oat milk.” The people who work there already know exactly what I’m going to order, and Banana Bread cannot be missed with this order.”
Kasteelstraat 5, Antwerp –

4. Bella Italia

p p

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“After a difficult summer filming for Lifesaver, my friend and I went to the Amalfi Coast last year. We went in September, when it was less crowded, with Vespa. It was so idyllic, I would recommend it to everyone. One of our best vacations yet.”
Sorrento, Italy –

5. First date


© Zavala

“The White Castle will always be a special place for me. Here was my first date with my boyfriend. I broke my foot and he had to come and pick me up all the way in Antwerp. We had a table by the fireplace. There is a nice bar in the restaurant where you can have a drink after the great food.” I enjoy my favorite cocktail, the pornstar martini. On the weekends there’s also live music, and you can stay there for a long time. Perfect after a hard week.”
Doorniksesteenweg 210, Kortrijk –

6. Summer is over

Kortrijk Tourism

© Kortrijk Tourism

“Bar Amorse is located on the banks of the Leie River: you get a real summer feel there. There is sand, there are foldable chairs, sometimes there is a DJ or a food truck. I want to end the summer here on the water as the sun slowly sets. And with a cocktail of course.”
IJzerkaai, Kortrijk,

7. Health break


© Instagram

“Avocado toast, salads, fresh juices: it’s all here. I came to Charlie’s for lunch with friends from Antwerp to catch up on my time. The dishes aren’t too heavy here. I don’t pay much attention to my diet anymore, but I’m looking for balance. I used to I say ‘no’ to french fries, not anymore.
Volksstraat 66, Antwerp –

8. In the Wish List

p p

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“Not at the door, but Tamarindo in Costa Rica can’t be missed. I’ve already been there twice on vacation and want to show my friend a beautiful sunset one day. The nature there is breathtaking. Watching the sky turn pink every evening at the beach and the day ends beautifully.” : That’s very satisfying.”
Costa Rica –

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