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This is why everyone eats strawberries with whipped cream at Wimbledon |  to eat

This is why everyone eats strawberries with whipped cream at Wimbledon | to eat

When you think of Wimbledon, you think of strawberries. With a generous amount of whipped cream, the red fruit has been served for 145 years English Tennis Championships. But why strawberry? What is the relationship of a king of the sixteenth century with it? We have solved it.

Strawberries have been distributed to fans and players at Wimbledon since the first edition in 1877. Dutch sports journalist Rick Spikenbrink has tasted them several times. “It is very tasty, even whipped cream is not necessary. It is always highly promoted: it is truly a local pride.”

Strawberries have been supplied for 40 years by strawberry supplier Huge Low Farms, about 60 kilometers from Wimbledon. According to owner and grower Marion Reagan, strawberry consumption in England is not just about championship. “It’s part of afternoon tea: A daily snack in England between 4 and 5 pm. The afternoon tea A true rustic tradition.”

People who watch the game at home also eat a plate of strawberries. “We English are obsessed with tea, strawberries, and bread,” says Reagan. It all comes together at Wimbledon. The idea behind strawberries at Wimbledon is that you have to eat them while watching the match.”


During the first session there were 200 spectators, which is suitable for 100 kilograms of strawberries

Lisette Cruyff, culinary historian

royal plate

The first strawberries with whipped cream were served in England by King Henry in 1509 during a multi-course dinner, explains culinary historian Lisette Cruyff. From that moment on, strawberries with whipped cream were a royal dish. “This may have inspired the Wimbledon strawberry tradition as we know it today. During the first edition there were 200 spectators. That doesn’t sound like much, but it means about 100 kilograms of strawberries.”

According to Craif, the fruit is a festive pleasure at the tournament. “It’s a piece of culture that gets passed down. Think of it as stylish people taking a trip to the countryside.” But transportation also plays a role. “145 years ago, there was no refrigerated transport as we know it today. At that time, more and more strawberry growers were coming to England, so it was a logical choice to buy strawberries locally. There are many local fruit growers like us around Wimbledon. So a lot of Strawberries grow in this region.

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