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This shipping container transports the ASML 0.55 NA wafer maker to Intel

This shipping container transports the ASML 0.55 NA wafer maker to Intel

Container manufacturer VRR had its largest shipping container last week Handed over to ASML for chipmaking† The container, along with two previously made containers, will be used to transport TWINSCAN EXE:5200 ASML Wafer Makers to Intel chip factories.

Intel Corporation I ordered the new TWINSCAN earlier this year in ASML. The machine can produce more than 200 chips per hour, with the so-called “High-NA EUV” technology (where NA stands for “numerical aperture” and EUV for “extreme ultraviolet”). The higher aperture of 0.55 allows TWINSCAN to produce chips with higher resolution, resulting in smaller circuits and ultimately higher chip performance. Intel plans to start producing 0.55-NA chips in 2025.

It would be a heavy machine, because each container had to be able to withstand the weight of a London double-decker bus. Moreover, they are more than 7 meters long, 3 meters wide and all consist of about 30,000 pieces.

So the idea is to ship ASML’s new containerized wafer production machines to Intel. All three of them should be able to accommodate the cargo area of ​​a B747F. What happens to the containers next is not known, although at the beginning of this week rumors were still circulating about the visit of Samsung Vice President Lee Jae-yong, who may also consider ASML devices.


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