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This way F1 22 uses DualSense features

This way F1 22 uses DualSense features

F1 22 appears on different platforms and this of course includes the PlayStation 5. With DualSense, it is possible that it does not apply to other platforms and this gives the game on that console a little extra. But what exactly can we expect?

In an extensive message on PlayStation Blog Codemasters is now going into more detail on this topic. For example, the F1 22 will use haptic feedback, adaptive triggers and the console’s loudspeaker. Now the latter is a little new under the sun, in terms of feedback they are trying to go a little further.

The F1 will give 22 mixed feedback across the console depending on the surface. If you go hard to the left over the curbstones, you will feel left in the console. Ditto if you grab a curb on the other side. But the effect of the damage will also be felt in the vibration and this is more in a specific place depending on where it is in your car.

The adaptive actuators cause that if your wheels lock up during braking, the resistance in the brake actuator will increase. The same goes for the throttle, as the resistance increases when you have a turn of the wheel. In addition, there is a standard difference between the two operators, because in fact there is also a difference in the force required on the brake pedal and the accelerator pedal.

The console amplifier is used to transmit information from the engineer, when requested and when standard information arrives.

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